The roots of a Ficus tree in Sichuan made me think of my documentary … looking for the complicated and intriguing connections that feed our life today.

Innervisions25 refers to my return after 25 years to activities inspired by internal compulsion. It also refers to a documentary film I made in the early 1990s about China’s modern artists in search of self. That film was Inner Visions: Avant-Garde Art in ChinaI returned to interview the main characters again 25 years later, to continue telling the story of their lives, their art, and their changing world. The second film, Art in Smogwas completed in spring 2018. This website is an archive of my blogs.

For more information about Art in Smog, and to purchase DVDs, click on “Home” below.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Wonderful project!

    Photography is one of the best ways to see history. I am so glad that you are offering your unique perspective to look at China in the past and of today.

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