Light Snow


There was a slight covering of snow this morning, so winter is on its way to the Boston area. I’m actually looking forward to hunkering down for a few (or several) months to catch up on huge amounts of background reading, on China and contemporary art, and viewing of films that could inform or inspire my project.

I’m now poring through Wu Hung’s Contemporary Chinese Art: Primary Documents (2010), which is a hugely useful compilation of essays by artists, critics, and historians giving their thoughts on the emergence of Chinese contemporary art onto the international art scene in the 1990s. Most significant are the translations into English of essays by Chinese writers….thank you, thank you, to all the scholars, translators, original writers, and MOMA, the publisher!

The insightful and incisive voices of Chinese critics are so key to understanding what is really going on in art in China. It’s not all politics and dissent. It’s not all East vs. West. Chinese artists and thinkers have a much more global and international position than many are aware of, and that puts us provincial Americans to shame.


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