Rough Cut done!

I’ve been quiet on this “blog” for months…only because I’ve been immersed in editing. After a long process of systematically organizing my video footage, transcribing and translating the many hours of interviews,  and editing selections of the best visual and verbal content, I had the great fun of weaving the story together.  Good news…Rough Cut 1 (actually 2a) is done!

The working title is now “Art in Smog,” both a literal reference to artists in China and a metaphor for their seeking clarity through a haze of ideals, doubts, fears, stasis, and propelled motion.

Over the next few months, I will be working on music with an exciting young composer whose new work I heard at a concert in Cambridge, Massachusetts—Mischa Salkind-Pearl. It’s going to be an exciting collaboration since his music, I find, has great synergy with the works of artists Su Xinping and Xia Xiaowan, the film’s main characters.

I will also be screening the rough cut to friends, advisors, and interested parties, to get feedback before completion. If you would like to screen the rough cut, please contact me.

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