Rough Cut done!

I’ve been quiet on this “blog” for months…only because I’ve been immersed in editing. After a long process of systematically organizing my video footage, transcribing and translating the many hours of interviews,  and editing selections of the best visual and verbal content, I had the great fun of weaving the story together.  Good news…Rough Cut 1 (actually 2a) is done!

The working title is now “Art in Smog,” both a literal reference to artists in China and a metaphor for their seeking clarity through a haze of ideals, doubts, fears, stasis, and propelled motion.

Over the next few months, I will be working on music with an exciting young composer whose new work I heard at a concert in Cambridge, Massachusetts—Mischa Salkind-Pearl. It’s going to be an exciting collaboration since his music, I find, has great synergy with the works of artists Su Xinping and Xia Xiaowan, the film’s main characters.

I will also be screening the rough cut to friends, advisors, and interested parties, to get feedback before completion. If you would like to screen the rough cut, please contact me.

Year-end Thoughts

I’ve been working quietly on my “Art and Smog” documentary project since returning from China this summer. I had an amazing nine months reconnecting with my main characters from 25 years ago. The societal pursuit of material advantages and profit, and the competition for survival, has overshadowed their earlier ideals of an honest and caring humanity. Their art reveals the confusions, pressures, fears, and need for refuge that they feel. Their words and images speak not only to their felt experience in China but also to the pains many people in the world experience today, even in the United States.

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Art in Smog

I’m thinking of changing my film title to “Art in Smog” instead of “Art and Smog.”

What I’m hearing from my subjects is that they feel themselves in a haze, trying to go somewhere, but not seeing clearly where to go. I take their statements of personal mental ambiguity as a metaphor for China’s dilemma as a nation, or even the world’s dilemma as a global society.  By interviewing artists and looking at their works, I’m trying to find my own clarity on “What is art?” Why is art compelling, fascinating, and thought provoking at this moment?

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I’ve been in Beijing three months now, focusing on renewing connections with my main subjects. Since 1991 when I first filmed them, the academy-trained artists Xia Xiaowan and Su Xinping have become successful figures in the Chinese contemporary art world. They each had major retrospective shows this October—Su Xinping at Guangdong Museum of Art and Xia Xiaowan at Beijing Minsheng Art Museum. In both exhibitions, the curators wished to demonstrate the continuity of the artists’ personalities and artistic explorations already evident in their early work from the 1980s and ‘90s. Continue reading

Fulbright Scholar

I’m privileged and grateful to have been selected by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board to participate in the 2015-16 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program. The Fulbright research grant allows me to be on the ground, in country, on site in Beijing for nine months to explore the contemporary art world and to probe the complex environment that surrounds it. The research will inform and deepen the story to be told in my documentary film project.

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