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Art critic Li Xianting defines what art is, as compared to the artwork. He formulated this idea in the 1990s, after contemporary Chinese art began to sell at high prices, in order to help artists separate their creative process from the market outcome of their work.

Here is a highlight from our first “Art and Smog” shoot in May 2015, while Xia Xiaowan and his wife were visiting New York City. Compared to the shining new subway system in Beijing, the MTA felt old and dilapidated…but NewYork’s street energy found its way to the subway.

Inner Visions:  Avant-Garde Art in China was shot in the summer of 1991. After interviewing about 40 artists and going to various exhibitions, I chose my main characters, whose art and life stories together could offer viewers an understanding of China’s modern transitions.

I became interested in the history of the  Yuan Ming Yuan, imperial gardens on the outskirts of Beijing, when I was taking classes in landscape architecture several years ago. Here’s the story in brief.


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